D-O – Itty Bitty (Official Video)

The music video for D-O’sItty Bitty” has an hazy atmosphere like the auto-tune that clouds the song’s melodies. Makblaze directs the video following D-O and his love interest hanging around the city on various date locations.

Their outfits and the activities they choose are also in line with the chill wave melody July Drama produces for “Itty Bitty”.

As D-O sings, we see him and the love interest in amusement parks, D-O in a vintage jacket and ripped jeans and a side bag, while the woman he sings to keeps it casual in flip flops and short shorts. The date scenes are interluded with D-O dancing and loafing about on a backdrop of skies and buildings, completely isolated.

Watch the video below and enjoy it.

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